Blow away the old Seafood sandwich filling with this fresh interchangeable filling that you twist to YOUR liking.

Gloriously simple to make with such flavour it’s just the best filling for sandwiches or baked potatoes I’ve ever made.



30 – 40 Cooked Peeled Signal Crayfish (cut into large chunks, in half of 3 pieces)

Good Mayonnaise

Good Salad cream

Pinch of Cayenne pepper



Place the chopped Crayfish into a bowl large enough to be able to mix in other ingredients. Add the Mayonnaise and Salad cream one tablespoon at a time. Sprinkle in the Cayenne pepper and gently combine. When you’ve arrived at a texture and taste you like, that’s you base ready for playtime.


Now that Personal touch

Best way to do this if, it’s your first time, is to take a teaspoon of filling and add your flavour twist to that.


Keep the flavour Twist to the minimum when you introduce to tester.


You can always add more, not so easy to take it out again.


Ideas to try.

Add a squeeze of Lemon juice for a light lift to the filling


Add a few drops of Tabasco for a blast of heat


Add a squeeze of Tomato Ketchup for that Classic cocktail flavour.